Tour of a SekChek Report: Part 4 of 8

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Multiple reporting levels...

Multiple reporting levels

The picture illustrates the multiple reporting levels provided by SekChek.

The chart provides a convenient and easy-to-read summary of the most important properties defined on security objects on your system. It provides a high level view of security and uses colour to indicate whether a specific control is above or below the average for your industry sector.

The text-based summary provides the numbers behind the percentages on the chart for various categories of account. Examples include values for all user accounts, active accounts only and separate reports that isolate higher risk Administrative accounts.

Of course, SekChek’s summary reports are supported by comprehensive detailed reports in a familiar tabular style in MS-Word, Excel or Access file formats.

The detailed reports provide all the information you need to identify exceptions and specific weaknesses, so you can take the necessary corrective action to correct a problem.