SekChek Local: Running a Scan

The Scan process involves: selecting the Analysis Tool; selecting the domain or servers you want to analyse; and choosing an output path for your Scan file.

The tool supports all versions of MS-Windows and Active Directory.

Use the Domain Administrator Account for the Scan

You must run the Scan process from an account with Domain Administrator privileges. These special privileges are only required for the duration of the Scan.

Important Logon to the host using an account with administrative privileges, then ‘Run As Administrator’.

SekChek Local: Run As Administrator

SekChek Local: Running a Scan

1. Start the Scan

Click Scan Server from the main menu.

2. Select a Domain

Click Connect to Domain... to change the current domain.

3. Select the Analysis Tool

Click OS: Active Directory to analyse domain-wide security, OS: SAM to analyse local security on Windows servers.

4. Add Target Systems to the Scan List

For Active Directory... select a Directory Server. For SAM... select one or more servers.

5. Start the Scan

Click Next, enter the run-time options and your contact details, select a path to contain the scan file. Click Next, SekChek will display the progress of the scan.

SekChek Local: Select your run-time options SekChek Local: Scan progress display

6. Obtain an Access Token

At the end of the Scan process, SekChek will prompt you to Send (to or Save (to a file, for sending later) a request for an Access Token.

SekChek Local: Request an Access Token

You can also request an Access Token later, for example from a different computer or user, as long as you have access to the Scan file or the Token Request created during the scan process.

Using the Scan file:

  • Select the path containing the Scan file (SekChek_XXX_1_XXXXXX_SC.ZIP)
  • Click Get Token on the main menu
  • Click Send Token Request to SekChek

Using the saved Token Request:

  • Open the Token Request file (SekChek_XXX_1_XXXXXX_TR.txt) with a text editor
  • Follow the instructions inside the file

Our automated system will issue your Access Token within minutes of receiving your Token Request. The Access Token is required to unlock your encrypted Scan file and to Import your Scan file into a Report database.

7. Create your Report Database

Copy your Access Token into the same directory (SekChek’s Working Directory) as your Scan file.

Click Import File on SekChek’s main menu to create your Report database.

SekChek Local: Import Scan file

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