SekChek Local: Report Menu

The main menu provides easy access to SekChek’s collection of more than 60 standard reports. The menu also controls report filtering options, the report view type, and provides access to a comprehensive glossary of terms used in the reports.

SekChek Local: Report Menu

1. Report Category

SekChek’s reports are grouped into 6 categories, which makes them easier to manage and locate.

For example, click the ‘Users’ radio button to list all reports related to user accounts, including summary and detailed reports.

2. Search

The Search option allows you to find reports by keyword, such as ‘Chart’, ‘Disk’, ‘Password’ and ‘Service’.

3. Report

Click the Report drop-down box to see a list of reports in the selected category. Select the report you are interested in to run the report.

4. Report Parameters

Tailor the results for your report by adding a filter to the query. For example, display Administrator accounts that are not disabled and where the passwords have not been changed in the last 90 days.

5. Report View

Select the report view type, such as Datasheet View (a detailed, table-type view), Form View (displays all related fields on one page) and Print View (specially formatted for printing). The results can be sorted and filtered.

Use MS-Access’ Data menu to export your report in a variety of formats, such as PDF, Excel, XPS and HTML.

Close Reports: Closes all open reports.

6. Scan Details

Identifies the SekChek Scan file being processed, including the target domain, the system name and the date / time the Scan was performed.

This area also shows the versions of the SekChek software that were used to run the Scan and to Import the Scan file into the Access database.

7. Go To

Display a glossary of all terms used in the reports, check for a later version of the SekChek software, or visit

Exit: Closes all reports and exits the SekChek Report database.

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