SekChek Classic: User Options (Client-Specific Tab)

The purpose of this screen (optional)

This is where you define default processing options for all of your SekChek reports.

Leave the fields empty if you work at many clients because the values may change for each SekChek Scan.

The settings on this tab are used as default values when you:

  1. Create the Windows and Netware Scan software

    The options are embedded in the Scan EXE; they can be changed at execution time.

    The final values are embedded in the encrypted Scan file.

  2. Encrypt your AS/400 and UNIX Scan files

    The values are embedded in the encrypted Scan file.

Client-specific options menu

The name of your organisation

This is the name of your (or your client’s) organisation where the SekChek Scan is being run. It will appear on each page of your SekChek report.

Country where the Host is located

The location of the Host system that is being analysed. Used for statistical purposes.

Industry type

The industry type that best describes the client’s business. Used for statistical purposes.

Charge / DIS code (optional)

Your own internal charge code. The value appears on your SekChek report and your monthly Statement of Usage.

Compare against industry

The industry type (e.g. Manufacturing) you want to compare the Host’s security controls against.

Select <All industry types> to compare security against the average for all industries.

Standards template number (optional)

The number of a template containing client-specific security values that you have registered with SekChek.

If specified, the security values in your registered template, rather than SekChek’s calculated leading practice values, will be used during the processing of your report.

Leave as 0 to use SekChek’s default template.

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