SekChek for Active Directory: Glossary for Table Group_Accounts

The following table defines the columns displayed in table Group_Accounts. The table is contained in the MS-Access database or MS-Excel document, which forms part of your SekChek report.



Common Name

The group’s Common Name.


The full path to the group account.

Account Name

The account name used to support clients and servers running earlier versions of the operating system, such as Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, and LAN Manager.

Group Type

The group type: Security or Distribution.


The scope of the group: Local Builtin, Local, Global Universal.


Free-form description of the group account.


The relative identifier of the group.

Protected From Accidental Deletion

Indicates whether the account is protected against accidental deletion.

See: Active Directory Users and Computers | Object tab.

Critical System Object

If Yes: The object hosting this attribute must be replicated during installation of a new replica.


The date when the account was created (UTC).

Changed (NR)

The date when the account was last changed (UTC).

This value is not replicated and exists in the global catalog.

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