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List Installed Products Tool: Glossary

Prepared: 09 April 2018
Document Purpose and Introduction
This document defines the fields and terms used in the report from SekChek’s List Installed Products tool. The tool queries your system for software products installed by Windows Installer (MSI).
Products installed on your system by MSI
ProductThe commonly used product name. E.g. Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.
PublisherThe name of the product supplier. Corresponds to the Vendor property in the product object in the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) Solution Exchange Standard.
Product VersionThe product version information. Corresponds to the Version property in the product object in the DMTF Solution Exchange Standard.
Product IdThe unique identification number for the product. Not always present.
Installation DateThe date that this product was installed on the system.
Installation LocationThe location of the installed product. E.g. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\
Package CacheThe location of the locally cached package for this product. E.g. C:\Windows\Installer\b4bc8.msi
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