Managing your account

After your SekChek account has been setup and you start using the SekChek service, you may be wondering how you can control and track usage of your account and ensure the process runs smoothly.

To help you make the best decisions we have compiled a list of tips and ideas, which indicate some of the management options available to you.

Primary, secondary contacts (required)

The primary contact is SekChek’s main contact person for your account.

We will direct all correspondence concerning the management of your account, including requests to change account options and the names of key users, to the primary contact.

If the primary contact is not available, we will direct our communication to the secondary contact.

Account authorisers (optional)

An account authoriser provides our security analysts with confirmation to process a Scan file and charge the processing fee to your SekChek account. This helps you to manage processing requests and the associated costs.

If you use this feature, our systems will send an automated email to each Authoriser requesting permission to process a Scan file and return the report to the sender of the file. This procedure is used for all Scan files. View sample email.

Statements of usage

We will email a Statement of Usage to the people nominated by you at the end of each month. The statement shows all activity on your account during the month. You can request an additional statement at any time from our Accounts Manager.


The invoicee is the person whose name and title will appear on your invoice.

Invoices will be emailed to the person(s) nominated as the administrative contact. SekChek’s bank details, including a SWIFT number, are included at the bottom of your invoice.

Client specific charge code (optional)

The Charge Code field in the SekChek software allows you to assign an internal code to a SekChek report.

The value appears on your SekChek report and your monthly Statement of Usage.

If you are interested in using this feature and you want to ensure your colleagues provide a Charge Code for all SekChek submissions, please let us know, so we can configure our systems to request a Charge Code before a SekChek report is released.

Report summary document

If you are not interested in the Summary document (includes an overall security rating) that is typically provided with a SekChek report, you can elect not to take the document. This will reduce the processing fee by 20%.

Reorder threshold

When your account is first setup, we will define a default threshold value, based on the balance of units remaining on your account. Our systems will send you a reminder to purchase additional units when this unit theshhold is reached. View sample email.

Let us know if you would like to increase, or decrease, the threshold value that triggers the reminder email.

Data retention period

SekChek’s default retention period for SekChek Classic Scan files and reports is 5 days, so we have some time to resend a report, in the event that it is accidentally mislaid by the recipient.

Let us know if you would like to change the data retention period for your account. The minimum value is 0 days, which instructs our system to delete your files immediately after the SekChek report is despatched.

Note that the senders of Scan files can also choose to receive a notification email, from SekChek’s User options menu, as soon as your Scan data has been deleted from our system. View sample email.

Payment options

Payment options include bank-to-bank transfers (preferred) and credit card.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

For peace of mind, we recommend you consider implementing a non-disclosure agreement between your organisation and SekChek. You can download our standard NDA from the brochures page or the direct link below.

Verifying contact details for your account

You can confirm the contact details we have on file for you at any time via our automated Service Request utility (click the Actions button in the SekChek Local software), or by writing to us.

Note that your contact details are never disclosed to third parties and they will only be used in connection with the provision of SekChek services to you.

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