Getting Started

The following guidelines will help you get started with using SekChek’s services and tools. If you are unsure about anything in the process, please check our support pages or request assistance from a customer service assistant.

Getting started: Check prices
Review SekChek’s pricing and discount policy
Request a copy of our pricing policy

Getting started: Decide which systems to analyse
Decide which systems or domains you want to analyse and how often
This will determine how many SekChek units you need to purchase
SekChek units never expire

Getting started: Decide which tool to use
Decide whether to use SekChek Classic, SekChek Local, or both
You can use your purchased units for any SekChek tool
Refer the product comparison table: SekChek Classic vs SekChek Local
Request a sample report if you are not sure which tool is best suited to your needs

Getting started: Open a SekChek account
Setup your SekChek account
Complete and return our short account set-up document

Getting started: Pay for your units
See our invoice for payment details
Payment options: Bank-to-Bank transfer (preferred) and Credit card

Getting started: Install the SekChek software
Download the SekChek software and install it on your PC
Download: SekChek Classic, SekChek Local

Getting started: Scan your systems
Scan your systems at your convenience
See SekChek’s online Help for details of how to run a SekChek Scan

Regular Statements of Usage

We will send a Statement of Usage to you at the end of each month. Your statement tells you when you used your SekChek units and the balance of units remaining on your account. You can purchase additional SekChek units at any time. Unused units never expire.

Free Technical Support

Your SekChek account entitles you to free technical support for any aspect of SekChek’s service or tools.

Tips for Managing Your Account

We have compiled some tips and ideas to help you control and track usage of your account and ensure the whole process runs smoothly. Please see: Managing Your Account.

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