SekChek’s Free Security Tools: PC Auditor


The PC Audit tool produces an audit report of security and system configuration settings for your local PC. The results are displayed in your Internet browser.

  • An easy one-click process
  • The audit takes less than 60 seconds to run
  • The results are immediately available on your PC
  • The report is easy to navigate and understand

Click on the image below to view a sample PC Auditor report!

PC Auditor’s Report Scope

Run As Administrator To ensure correct results: Logon using an account with administrative privileges, then ‘Run As Administrator’.

About SekChek IPS
SekChek® IPS is a leading provider of computer security review, auditing and benchmarking tools and has served many of the world’s largest companies and public institutions in 140 countries since 1996. SekChek’s clients include security and audit professionals in IT departments, audit firms, internal audit functions, regulatory compliance and corporate governance departments. SekChek’s benchmarking features compare security policies and controls against a unique statistics database containing more than 30 million anonymous and real-life security measurements compiled from 80,000 computer systems across all major industry sectors.

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