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Used for over 20 years by multinationals across the world, SekChek’s automated analysis quickly determines how a company’s security controls compare against similar deployments - not in theory, but using current, real world data. SekChek’s comprehensive, structured reports maximise auditor productivity and help satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements.


Founded in 1996, SekChek® provides host system auditing, benchmarking and security assessment tools for IT departments, auditors, compliance and corporate governance practices worldwide.

SekChek, available 24/7 via the company website, is supplied on a per-use basis or via a multi-use discount subscription. No software licensing fees are required.

SekChek does not use a traditional installation program, so no changes are made to your system by the scanning process.


SekChek Classic analyses security on all the platforms listed below. Reports are in MS-Word format and include graphical summaries, comparisons against industry averages, detailed exception reports, security implications, and general recommendations to correct identified control weaknesses.

A summary document highlights the main issues in the report and provides an overall rating of security against your industry average.

SekChek Local supports all versions of MS-Windows and Active Directory. The tool is a very cost effective way to review security on large numbers of Windows servers and domains.

It allows centralised scanning, whereby target systems are scanned over the network from any network attached PC. Scan data is processed locally on your PC, so reports are available almost immediately and there is no need to send Scan data off-site for processing.

Reports are in MS-Access format and include graphical summaries, exception reports, and comparisons against leading practices and industry averages.

Clients & Global Coverage

SekChek is used by audit firms, government departments and hundreds of corporations around the world.

The SekChek database - containing sanitised statistics derived from 80,000 security reviews in 140 countries across 22 industries - incorporates over 30 million security measurements.

Many large corporations use SekChek to centralise security reviews of systems located at their overseas offices and subsidiaries, and to ensure compliance with legislation, such as SOX and HIPAA.

Platforms Supported
  • IBM OS/400 (AS400 / iSeries)
  • MS Windows NT to Server 2016, Windows 8.1/10
  • Active Directory
  • UNIX (all variants - AIX, HP-UX, Sun/Solaris, Linux, SCO, BSD, DG-UX, Dynix, HI-UX, OSF, UnixWare)
  • Novell / Netware versions 4.x and later. Retired. Provided on an ‘as is’ basis only.

SekChek provides a variety of encryption options to protect Scan data, including Public Key (RSA), 3DES and AES.

Read about the SekChek Classic and Local tools, or view the product comparison table.

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