News - 14 May 2010

SekChek Classic Version 5.0.4: Release Notes

Main software:

  • Added a tool that queries hidden properties on objects defined in Active Directory. Examples include: the account type; the object's security identifier (SID); the last logon time; and the time that the object was last changed.

    If a property is not replicated across Domain Controllers (DCs), the tool will query all visible DCs to obtain the latest value for the property. You can find the utility on SekChek's main menu under: Tools | Query Account Property.

  • Renewed SekChek's embedded certificate (public key) with a new certificate that is valid until April 2013. SekChek will prompt you to install the new certificate during the installation process.

SekChek for Windows:

  • Scan domain for Password Setting Objects (PSOs), which were introduced in Server 2008.

  • Included 14 additional properties in the Scan process, including functionality levels for the DC and Forest and DEP (Data Execution Protection) settings.

SekChek for UNIX:

  • Minor maintenance.

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