Newsletter - January 2011

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This Newsletter summarises some of the many improvements we have made to SekChek’s tools and services over the past few months. Click on the pale blue text for more information.

SekChek’s Library of Free Tools
We extended the library of embedded security tools, which now comprises:

PC Auditor, analyses security and configuration settings on your PC, displays the results in your Internet browser

Query Active Directory, queries any object, shows hidden properties

SekCrypt, a powerful file encryption tool

File Hasher, displays a file’s hash value, tests whether a file has changed

Sid Resolver, converts a SID to its friendly name

Orphaned Sid Locator, lists orphaned SIDs defined on files and directories in NTFS

Ping, tests connectivity to a domain or host

We will add more tools to the library soon, including a utility that queries Windows Event logs and a tool that informs you of hot fixes and Windows updates not installed on your PC.

SekChek Classic Tool
SekChek Classic provides you with an easy-to-read collection of exception reports in MS-Office format and a consultant’s overall rating of security.

Some of the more significant additions to the SekChek Classic reports include:
  • Graphs that provide answers to common questions about security
  • More than 20 new system configuration properties, such as DEP and power management settings
  • Windows’ Password Settings Objects (PSOs)
  • The Is Object Protected Against Deletion property
  • Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) updates

We also added an option to scan installations of MS-Exchange. Please contact us if you are interested in using this new tool.

SekChek Local Tool
The SekChek Local tool allows you to scan Windows domains and servers over the network and to process the data locally on your PC. Some of the recent enhancements include:
  • An option to scan installations of MS-Exchange
  • The ability to select a specific Directory Server for analysis (the default is the most efficient DC)
  • Security comparisons over time and system
  • Software products installed by Windows Installer (MSI)
  • An audit trail of changes made to security since the previous scan
  • An option to save reports in various formats, such as PDF, XLS and XPS
Special Offer: Up to 16% Off
Budgets are stretched and most organisations are being careful with their expenses, so we have decided to help by reducing the cost of using SekChek from
1 February to 31 May 2011.

The way it works is that we will automatically reduce the number of units we charge for processing your reports and Access Tokens, for example:
  • A SekChek report with a summary document will cost 0.9 SekChek units instead of the usual 1 unit - a 10% saving
  • A SekChek Classic report only (no summary document) will cost 0.7 instead of 0.8 units - a 12% saving
  • An Access Token for an Active Directory domain falls from 0.6 to 0.5 units - a 16% saving

The best news is that there is no need to apply or register to claim your discount, and the offer applies to all customers - new and old.

This is a special limited offer, so be sure to benefit!
We restructured our web-site and freshened the content to include:

We also optimised the site, so pages now load faster and files take less time to download.

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