News - January 2010

SekChek Local Version 1.4.2: Release Notes

Main software:

  • Main Menu: Added a tool that queries 'hidden' properties on objects defined in Active Directory. Examples include: the account type; the object's security identifier (SID); the last logon time; and the time that the object was last changed. If a property is not replicated across Domain Controllers (DCs), the tool will query all visible DCs to obtain the latest value for the property.

  • Main Menu: Added a Ping utility, which is useful for testing network connectivity to the target system or domain.

  • Main Menu: Added an auto-run feature. This allows you to predefine run-time options for a Scan that will be run by another person, such as your client.

  • Main Menu: Added the ability to preauthorise a Token Request. The function will send a preformatted Service Request email to our Servers, to authorise SekChek to issue an Access Token to an email address other than your own.

  • We renewed SekChek's code signing certificate in accordance with our Certification Practice Statement. The new certificate is valid until December 2012.

Active Directory and SAM Report products:

  • Added an analysis of the Operating System's recovery options.

  • Added a report that summarises services and drivers installed on the target system.

  • Added 13 new properties for network adapters to the System Configuration report.

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