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These security tools and utilities are provided free of charge for use on your local PC only. You do not require a license to use the tools and you may distribute the tools to anyone you wish as long as you provide them in their entirety and current form.

The tools were developed to help raise awareness of security issues by making it easier to inspect security settings defined on your computer. Let us know if you would like to see other tools in the library.

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Analyses security controls and configuration settings on your PC and displays the audit report in your Internet browser.
Queries configuration settings, profiles, rules defined in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
Queries any Active Directory object and returns the value defined for the chosen property.
Lists Windows Service Packs, Updates and hot fixes not installed on your system.
Lists products installed on your system by Windows Installer (MSI).
Searches Windows’ Application and System Event Logs for Error and Warning events.
Encrypts and decrypts files using symmetric encryption techniques.
Displays the sha1 hash (digest) value for a file. The tool is useful for testing whether a file’s content has changed.
Queries access permissions on local and remote files and folders. Displays the object’s attributes and Discretionary Access Control List (DACL).
Resolves any valid security identifier (SID) to its friendly name.
E.g. S-1-5-32-544 to BUILTIN\Administrators.
Lists orphaned security identifiers (SIDs) defined on files and directories in the NT file system (NTFS).
Lists open shared files on a target server, including details of the file’s users and open mode.
Pings a computer or domain to test network connectivity.

How do I access the tools?

SekChek Tools menuThe free utilities are available via the Tools menu in the SekChek Classic and SekChek Local software.

About SekChek IPS
SekChek® IPS is a leading provider of computer security review, auditing and benchmarking tools and has served many of the world’s largest companies and public institutions in 140 countries since 1996. SekChek’s clients include security and audit professionals in IT departments, audit firms, internal audit functions, regulatory compliance and corporate governance departments. SekChek’s benchmarking features compare security policies and controls against a unique statistics database containing more than 30 million anonymous and real-life security measurements compiled from 80,000 computer systems across all major industry sectors.

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